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The unique hybrid training in German-speaking countries.

The wildfire class is available exclusively for participants from the DACH region.

Are you ready to get better together? Then our new class is the right place for you! Our goal is to find practical solutions to the challenges of wildland fires in the 21st century by learning together and sharing experiences.


Our class starts with an exciting program of 16 online courses, some of which you can complete flexibly and at your own pace. In between the lessons, we take time for a valuable exchange of experiences and to deepen the teaching content. We provide the platform, but the network is formed through your commitment!


After the cold season and the evening lessons, there is a practical weekend in the district of Northeim. Here we apply the specialist knowledge we have learned up to the level of unit leader for vegetation fires directly in practice and deepen our network.


Participants from previous classes are still in contact and continue to exchange ideas after the training!


Become part of this special network and pass on the knowledge you have acquired to your classmates. Together we will create a strong community that is equipped to face the challenges of wildfires with confidence.

We will clarify further information in a personal meeting.

This year's class has already started. However, we are already planning further unique hybrid training classes in wildland firefighting.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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