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The Wildfire Training Box

Prepare yourself and your fellow firefighters for the challenges of fire season and increase your team's safety and effectiveness with our vegetation fire instructor training box. This comprehensive box offers a variety of options for training operational staff and managers.


The Wildfire Training Box contains:


Training material: Using Lego bricks, magnetic signs (representing aspects such as anchor point, wind, slope, etc.), yarn and miniature buildings, a variety of scenarios can be created that can be flexibly adapted to the respective local conditions. Two tactical slides on the subject of forests and areas complement the extensive material and enable an even more realistic representation of the operational scenarios.


Accompanying training material in PDF format: You will receive extensive training materials in the form of PDF documents that trainers and trainees can use equally. These easily accessible resources enable efficient preparation and knowledge transfer. (German)


Operational tactics:Learn proven operational tactics, including the LACES scheme, direct and indirect firefighting, building protection and post-extinguishment operations. Our training box provides detailed training materials and practical advice to ensure your team is fully prepared for the specific requirements of vegetation fires.


The Wildfire Training Box is the perfect solution for the theoretical introduction to the coming fire season. It supports both operational and managerial staff in developing critical skills and knowledge. Keep your team safe and maximize workforce efficiency with this versatile and comprehensive training solution.

Wildfire Training Box

SKU: 202302
VAT Included
  • Training box, 2 tactical foils, various Lego bricks, 17 magnetic signs with pictograms, yarn in different colors, miniature houses, 1x FireToolBox pocket card system, training material in PDF format (German).

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